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Introduction to Cultivation & Uses of Medicinal Plants


The importance of medicinal plants has spike up in an unimaginable way due to the different diseases evolving from time to time and devastating the lives of people. It is important to note the prevailing pandemic COVID-19 has shaken the whole lifestyle of the people all over the world. As the development in medicine is advancing with new technologies to detect and cure, new diseases are evolving and reemerging causing a threat to mankind. As many natural resources are manipulated and destroyed to fulfil the greed of man, more and more destructive ways of threat to lives of millions are exhibited. To deal with the diseases, people have been using antibiotics and researchers have found that over using of antibiotics have led to the resistance of certain diseases. In addition to this, there are certain side effects that occur with the chemically developed drugs. Medicinal plants have always been an alternative solution to diseases since the ancient period. Considering the longer time to cure led people to look for immediate reaction provided by the chemical drugs. Although in the recent times, people have become conscious of the health and food that they consume. A wave of medicinal plants has taken a strong place in the hearts of people. But in this crucial time, it is difficult for everyone to identify the medicinal plants or immune boosting plants and in what ways they can be taken. Although, ancient scriptures have mentioned about the list of medicinal plants, a common man may not have all the knowledge about it. People who live near the forest areas or far from the busy roads and cities do have a lot of knowledge about the use of various medicinal plants. When such medicinal plants are available to the market for use, they come with high prices and people living in busy streets, buildings, apartments in cities are compelled to buy the pricy herbal products. No doubt, people have small garden and decoration of their buildings for ornamental plants. If an approach is taken to make space for cultivating medicinal plants just enough for the household use in every family, this can really help people to develop their immune systems and lead a healthy life. This book of medicinal plants imparts knowledge about the medicinal plants, their uses and their way of cultivation. This way knowledge of medicinal plants and effective utilization can be diluted from the concentrated areas of inaccessible knowledge. The book is identifying incredible plants of high medicinal values and their easiest ways of uses, planting and harvesting for household purposes. This simple approach can change the lives of millions of people and get rid of hazardous chemical drugs. Medicinal plants which would otherwise be collected from the wild to bring to the commercial market can be available by cultivation of it with the right knowledge of identifying the effective plant species and understanding the traditional ways of utilizing it. The book Introduction to Cultivation & Uses of Medicinal Plants provides the right plant to initiate the use or cultivation of medicinal plants. This will also be an approach to minimize the over exploitation of forest resources that is the main reason for loss of biodiversity in the world. The right knowledge is just enough to start a positive way to live and not to be fearful of the existing situation. In the coming days, the healthy, responsible and positive ways of living are expected and we will ensure to keep imparting more information about medicinal plants and their uses so that common man can make the best used of it.