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APRF involves in following research activities

Rural and Tribal Communities & Forest dependency.


Natural Products and their bio-products.


Production of bio-products from the forest for empowerment of tribal & rural women.


Sustainable harvesting of NTFP, Ethnobotany and on tribal knowledge on wild flora, fauna and their culture to protect the environment.


Scientific Validation of Tribal claims.


Screening of medicinal plants having antibacterial and antioxidant activities.


Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).


Screening of Primary and Secondary metabolites from wild food and medicinal plants.


Enumeration of Floral & Faunal diversity of Eastern Ghats & Western Ghats


Conservation and Restoration of RET taxa in the suitable habitats.


Protocol development for the Conservation of RET Taxa.


River Ecology and the role of aquatic birds and their relation with available flora and other fauna.


Relation between flora and avifauna & Food chain among the plants and higher Consumers like Tiger.


Protocol development for the Conservation of RET Avifauna of Mahanadi River area and awareness programme among the local communities.


Documentation of Floral and Faunal diversities of Mahanadi River area of Odisha and trying to create livelihood option for the local communities.


Study and documentation of the bio-wealth of wetland


Beach Ecology


Development of Educational activities / work / training on Environment awareness programmes.
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