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Falling in Love………. @ANKITA DAS


Opening my eyes

With the break of the dawn

Photo: Aaditya

I fall in love with hues of red

Splashing in the blue firmament.

Peeping outside the window,

and glimpsing the wilderness

Photo: Sumant K Rajguru

I fall in love with the sunbirds

singing with its melodious symphony.

Stepping outside the portico

And getting drenched in the incessant rain

I fall in love with the Treefrogs

that croaks to its heart content.

Lying down on the deck

and gazing at the night sky

I fall in love with dazzling stars

hanging down from heaven

My beloved Nature,

many had deserted you but I am afraid to lose you.

I love you with all my heart and soul

and I will love you till I breathe my last.

                                                     ………………………...ANKITA DAS

(Ankita Das hails from a small coastal town Balasore, Odisha. She had been a passionate nature lover since her childhood days. Nature has always been a source inspiration for her. The sun-rays at the break of the dawn, the mellifluous calls of the birds, the lush green fields in the countryside and many other marvels of nature rejuvenated her each day and gave her an insight to work further to understand nature and work for its conservation. She did her Bachelors in Life science and Masters in Environmental Science from University of Delhi. Presently She is pursuing her PhD from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. She is working on the bird songs in Himalayan regions. Apart from her research work, she is interest in writing nature poetry, folk dance,paintings etc.)

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